Friday, December 2, 2016

Debunking the Myths

Recently I read a friends Facebook post that intrigued me.  Her post, tagged with the feeling of being annoyed, discussed the myth of blood being blue before it is oxygenated.  I'm not sure when, but at some point in my life I was taught that the reason our veins are blue is because the blood doesn't change to the color red until it touches oxygen.  This got me thinking..."How many other 'facts' have I been repeating that are not scientifically true?"  And, "How gullible am I?"  

So, I started a list.  Below is a list of statements I've been told at some point in my life. These are all myths that can be debunked scientifically.  My students have begun debunking these myths, and you can click on the links to discover the facts they've uncovered.  

A penny dropped from the Empire State Building will kill you if it hits you.
Lightning never strikes the same place twice.
Hair and nails continue to grow after you die.
• If a jellyfish stings you, urine will help alleviate the pain.
Left-brained people are more logical and right-brained people are more creative.
The ocean is blue because it’s reflecting the sky.
• Deoxygenated Blood Is Blue.
• We only use 10% of our brains.
• It takes seven years to digest swallowed chewing gum.
• Sugar makes kids hyperactive. 
• Poinsettias are lethal if eaten. 
• Touching a toad will give you warts.
If you swim right after eating, you will get a cramp and drown.
You should cover up your cranium in the winter, because your body loses most of its heat through your head.
• Mother Birds Will Abandon Babies if You Touch Them. 
• Different Parts of Your Tongue Detect Different Tastes.

Feel free to add other myths and comments below!