Friday, January 27, 2012

Famous Future City Participants

I was excited to see that some of my students were filmed for this video.  Great public speaking Chris, and wonderful gestures Cassie!  I'm very proud of your hard work and dedication to this competition!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Straw Rockets

Third and fourth grade students have been experimenting with straw rockets.

How does length affect the range? How does the nose come mass affect the range? How does the angle affect the range? Students use the scientific process to answer those questions.

Toothpaste Commercials

The first and second grade Challenge students are currently filming their toothpaste commercials. Stay tuned for the final products!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Heading to D.C.

Yes, that is correct, Bondidag Cove is heading to Washington D.C. Four seventh grade students earned first place at the Future City Regional Competition in Chicago. They will be presenting at the National Level in February. The Triana City team also won several awards, including the BEST ESSAY! Congratulations to all of you!
From left, Angel Ramos (mentor), Chris, Taylor, Emily, Rileigh, and Mrs. Hawkins

Team Members:   Cassie, Allana, Nissa, Kate, and Josh   

Bondidag Cove Awards: Peer Award (other teams picked their model as their favorite)
and "Integrated Highway Design" sponsored by the Illinois Association of County Engineers (IACE)

Awards: "Best Essay," "High Rise Award" sponsored by The Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings, "Best Future City Promotion" sponsored by The Society for Marketing Professional Services, and 3rd Place award for the "Go to 2040 Plan Implementation."