Sunday, March 9, 2014

Creative Problem Solvers

All three Murray Destination Imagination, Inc. teams will advance to the state competition in Joplin, MO. The 5th grade team, Super Six, earned 3rd place in the Scientific challenge. The 4th grade team, Renegade Wood Warriors, earned 1st place in the Structural challenge. The 4th grade team, Laughing Lollypops, earned 3rd place in the Fine Arts challenge. MO Creative Adventures (MOCA) will take place April 12th at Missouri Southern State University. Good luck DI teams!

Douglas explains how his shrink ray works while the professor takes notes.

Douglas shows off his Extreme Gear.

Douglas uses his Extreme Gear to for protection.

The Laughing Lollypops get ready to perform.  

Doctor Cat puts the girls asleep for their dental work.  

The Renegade Wood Warriors' structure held 110 pounds.  

The Renegade Wood Warriors discussed their puppet show with the judges.

The Super 6 (minus 3 in this picture) earned 3rd place.

The Renegade Wood Warriors earned 1st place.

Laughing Lollypops earned 3rd place.

The Laughing Lollypops found time to go to the Daddy Daughter Dance.  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

YUCK-Doorknob Bacteria

"YUCK--Doorknob Bacteria" won first place in the Science Fair!  Congratulations to Alex, Phillip, Cassidy, and Ty!