Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Gifted Kids

Missouri gifted students have been challenged by the Gifted Association of MO to create a poem including:

1) Personal experiences as a gifted student

2) What they wish people to understand about being gifted
3)  The importance of having gifted education programs in schools and communities

The winners of the competition will be announced at GAM Day at the Capitol Tuesday, Feb. 24.  I've written my own poem to inspire my students!

My Gifted Kids
By Mrs. Hawkins

I love my gifted kids ALL year.
To my heart I hold them dear.
As their teacher and mom,
I’m a gifted time bomb.
‘Cause they may fall through the cracks, I fear!

I challenge gifted kids ALL week.
Continuous knowledge, they seek.
I wonder and why, and
What’s the Greek letter for PI?
Could I, too, be considered a geek?

I’m surprised by gifted kids all day.
I’m tickled by the things they say.
Like, who made God?
And, your solution is flawed.
They push boundaries in every way.

I’m inspired by gifted kids each hour.
I like to give them the power,
To show compassion
With great passion.
Their leaders, I try to Empower.

I’m intrigued by gifted kids each minute.
It’s challenging at times, I’ll admit.
They make me tense
With their nonsense.
But, I appreciate their literal wit.

I’m with gifted kids each second, and
Could be considered a saint I’d, recon.
They’re misunderstood.
I’d help them all if I could.

Support gifted kids, I beckon!